First Meeting of the Spring 2016 Semester

LiNK Texas had its first general meeting of the semester this past Tuesday, February 2. We were so excited to see so many people show up!

At this meeting, we talked about what LiNK is and described some really exciting upcoming events. Every semester, LiNK Texas strives to raise the $3000 necessary to rescue a refugee. This semester, we have some big plans on how we are going to do it! As always, we are having an Awareness Day where we rent out Gregory Plaza and try to raise awareness about what the North Korean people are going through. We are also planning a benefit dinner with a North Korean refugee speaker coming to share his story. And of course, we are having our weekly Fried Oreos sales every Friday!

We also introduced our officer board, and played a fun game to help everyone get to know each other a little bit better. We all had a lot of fun, are really excited to get closer as the semester goes on! On February 20, we are having a karaoke social at Hi Tunes Karaoke, which is sure to be a great time!

In the meantime, next week at the general meeting on February 9, we are having a guest speaker who has worked for LiNK HQ come to share his knowledge about LiNK and North Korea, and afterwards we are all going to walk to Chipotle together for a profit share. This is a great opportunity to expand our knowledge, raise money, and of course, eat some delicious food! We hope to see you guys there!


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