#PeopleCan: LiNK Texas Fall 2015 Awareness Day

PeopleCan Signing
A visitor writing on the #PeopleCan chalkboard. (Photo Credits: Jordan Kasprzynski)

On September 30, LiNK Texas hosted its semesterly Awareness Day event. This semesters event was named #PeopleCan, where LiNK Texas presented this new LiNK project with a circus theme at the Gregory Plaza.

The #PeopleCan project introduces four campaigns: Refugee Rescues, Resettlement Assistance, Education Grants, and Empowerment Programs, where each campaign features North Korean refugees who have stories relating to the campaign they are featured in. People willing to help can choose to donate to any and all campaign. To learn more about this project and it’s individual campaigns, click here!

Front table
The information table for Awareness Day, where visitors could play trivia or write on the #PeopleCan chalkboard. (Photo Credits: Jordan Kasprzynski)
Oreo line
Participants waiting for their fried Oreo. (Photo Credits:Jordan Kasprzynski)

The LiNK Texas #PeopleCan event was held all day on the UT campus where we had visitors play North Korean trivia or write on our “#PeopleCan” chalk board for a chance to win free fried oreos and snow cones!

Along with fun games and free food, we also sold LiNK merchandise and circus themed accessories. The #PeopleCa event was on the most successful Awareness Day events LiNK Texas has hosted, with over $500 made!


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